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2014 Summary by Sheylu
2014 Summary

Jan: This was the only thing I doodled. Shortly after meeting the exhuberant AriiKnave!

Feb - April: My wrist was completely out of sorts. Hell, I could barely cook dinner, drawing was out of the question. I squeezed out the one design and that was literally it. It was beyond frustrating.

May: Hand finally mending. This was the first full color I'd done since last year.

Jun: Commission work.

July: Sketch was from 2013, finished finally, more commission work.

Aug: Spent more time on this commission than any piece of art this year. Was in a funk.

Sep: Diana made me just finish something so that is what spurred the series of wolf adoptables. I was decently productive and by productive I mean I drew three or four things instead of one or two.

Oct: More commission work. More funk.

Nov: This whole semester I was shirking college to work on the Couvere with TornTethers. They finally released, but I haven't gotten around to fleshing out the group yet.

Dec: Everything is coming to a close and I have at least 4 half done commissions I need to finish and turn out. Here is a peek for a design I want to sell soon.

This year was an absolute waste. I spent the first half injured and the second half uninspired. I drew next to nothing and didn't make adequate progress on my commission queue. I didn't learn much and I didn't improve much. There is some style consistency, but I'm so unhappy with my style that I'd rather be improving on other fronts. I sketched a decent amount this year, but I feel like I could have done so much more.

My ultimate goal for 2015 is to untether myself from commissions and do some personal work that will actually allow me to grow as an artist. In all honesty, though, my real life was so busy I couldn't do much art anyway, and I've been in a lot of physical pain all year. I am working hard on restructuring my life in general. Hopefully next year, I won't be stretched so thin.

Hope you guys faired better! 
Cute Char for Sale
6 deviants said Not mine, but shego deserves all the love anyway
4 deviants said :thumb498476985:
Couvere Round 3 by Sheylu
Couvere Round 3


Auction Extended by request to account for the holidays.

3 new couvere are available - but these ones are a little special!

Revelations: Capes and Skirts describe an extra layer of plumage on the shoulder or thigh. Couvere who possess one or the other are rather uncommon, and a couvey who has both would be rare, high ranking, and quite decorated. Capes and skirts can be fluffed and fanned independantly of the rest of the fur/fins/plumage.

1. This Qui has a cape. Qui usually only have quills on their head, but if a qui has a cape or skirt, it may have additional quills in it's pelt. The cape hangs freely and is not attached to the elbows.

2. This Isk has a skirt. It's subtle, but it has an extra fin on each hip that flanks its tail. These can be fanned out to the side dramatically.

3. This Poult has a cape, which resembles closely the secondary feathers on a bird's wing. This poult does not have a skirt, however it is very proud and wears its tail low to appear like it has one in profile. All fan-tailed poults can lower their fans in this fashion.


Design Rules
~Please do not significantly alter the designs until more information is available for you to reference.
~The design may be traded/gifted/resold at equal or lesser value, but please notify one of us! All official Couvere and their owners will be recorded at The-Couvertry.
~Species is closed, please do not make your own Couvey at this time.

Auction Rules
~Transparent larger copies will be included with your purchase.
~Paypal only. Please have payment ready near end of auction.
~Place your bids using the comment chains linked below.
~Be civil.

Auction Ends in Wednesday Dec 3rd at 10PM EST. 1 hour snipe guard in effect.
Starting bids: $30
Min Increase: $5
Autobuy: $150, will include an extra sketch or icon as an additional prize.

1. AB'd
2. BID 
3. BID

Concept belongs to TornTethers and Sheylu. Art by Sheylu.

This is the last trio I'm doing for a little while. I'll be catching up on commissions in the hang time, and you should expect the next batch from TornTethers!
This seems an odd question, I know! But my birds make it a game to peel the side button out of my tablet pen all the time and I usually notice and take it back right away, and well, I didn't notice this time, I think it's lost for good (or at least, I won't find it til I move out haha). It's been MIA for two days now and I miss my shortcuts already. If anyone has an unusable pen and would care to donate me their side button (or broken pen, and I'll have one of my expert button pickers remove it for you), I'll pay for shipping. ; ~;  Please don't pick the button out of a good pen, of course, even if you don't use the tablet, that would be silly.

This is the pen I have!…

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Here is a photo of the expert button pickers (culprits) being held on trial at the crime scene.…


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DamuLion Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take wolfhome pose commissions? :O
Dalminah Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would u be interested to do an art trade with me? :3
Sheylu Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
aaah man I'm so sorry, but I have a commission queue a mile long and a very busy life outside of that. I haven't had the time and don't forsee the time for any personal endeavors in the next year or more. Thank you for the offer, though, and have a good one! ; u ;
arvalis Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014
great stuff!
pebblesmacmilkmilk Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is awesome! I love your creature and dragon designs. And your art is very clean with amazing color choices.
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